Elder Law


Elder law is a primary practice area of our law firm. We are members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. In our daily work, we assist our clients and their families with the difficult issues raised when elder's lose their independence and require services both at home and outside their homes. Our work necessarily focuses on the legal and financial concerns of our clients and families. We know however that the care issues are paramount and that most families are unprepared to deal with them.
The good news is that help is available through a combination of non-profit and private organizations servicing difference geographic areas. These organizations are overseen by a state agency known as the Massachusetts Office of Elder Affairs. This agency provides statewide information regarding care for the elderly and support for caregivers. Massachusetts also has 27 aging service access points (ASAPs). These providers are authorized to provide services for elders and their caregivers in three areas. They provide free information concerning a range of services and resources available to elders. They also coordinate the Massachusetts Homecare program for those who need assistance but want to remain in their home. In addition, these agencies provide support, information and counseling for the caregivers. In our local area, the ASAP is the health and social services consortium, known as HESSCO. HESSCO services are provided in the area towns of Norwood, Walpole, Westwood, Canton, Dedham and others. 
348 out of 351 cities and towns also are served by Councils on Aging (COAs). COAs typically offer information and referral services, transportation, outreach, meals, health screening and fitness and recreation programs. There are many other services available at some of the COAs.
The Office of Elder Affairs, the ASAPs and the COAs are often considered gateway agencies. They will provide the information, referrals and support to ensure that the elders and their caregivers obtain the care and support required.
At Russell, McTernan, McTernan & Fruci, LLP, we are always willing to assist in helping our clients and their families find the right resources to address any elder care problem

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